Makeup / Dressing room in Studio 218

In Photo "Studio 218" Siofok is also a private Makeup / Dressing room with a shower and toilet.

Makeup, hair and dressing is a big thing what can make the pictures look better, thas why we have a room for that.

We work with several stylists and makeup artists. They accompany us through the shooting and contribute to their professional work significantly to the realization of impressive shots in. With the right makeup and the right outfit you will see what is most out of your photos. It was the perfect cooperation between photographer, makeup artists, stylists and models makes a good result possible.

More then just a studio

Studio 218 is about 20 meter from Balaton lake, We/you can Combinate the Photo shooting indoor and Outdoor,



Photograph & Studio
Beszédes József sétány 83.
8600 Siófok


About Studio 218

120 m2 of Studio
4 meters to ceiling
5m White stage
3m Black stage
Makeup / Dressing room with Shower
Small kitchen

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