Hotel, Appartement, room Photograph

Vacation ist a import time for the family, and internet as well, thats way it«s also important to sell you hotel, rooms or appartemens right.
The first people do ist to log in to the internet and search.

It makes a different what picture you have on your website, if ist a bad picture, people just scroll over !
Here can Studio 218 help you, we have the right equipment for that.
We come to you make the pictures you need, take them back in studio 218, give it a small touch, and it«s ready to upload

More then just a studio

Studio 218 is about 20 meter from Balaton lake, We/you can Combinate the Photo shooting indoor and Outdoor,



Photograph & Studio
Beszédes József sétány 83.
8600 Siófok


About Studio 218

120 m2 of Studio
4 meters to ceiling
5m White stage
3m Black stage
Makeup / Dressing room with Shower
Small kitchen

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